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Agreement Requisition

In the framework agreement, we can put qty in 0 (if it`s a value-based contract), so I first thought we could also put qty 0 in creating RV; but that doesn`t happen, so I don`t know what the use of CAMPING-CAR is here. You can select the default price change type for frame purchase agreements, and select the purchase feature on the page. I find that there is a standard doc.type for the requirement of the thief agreement that is RV. But I also know that we can actually establish a framework agreement that relates to the PR with doc. The NB type relates, so what is the peculiarity of RV here? When automatically creating commands from requirements, use the following options to control how the requirement positions in the command positions are combined in the new receipt. The order obligation number usually has the same number as the order to support the registration. An order is considered a binding contract between the lender and the buyer as soon as the lender has accepted the order. While most of the time an order is sent to an external lender, the order can be used internally. Note: If you create the ME31K value contract with the W item category, it does not ask for the configuration category or hardware number. the same functionality I expect, even with the requirement for framework agreements. I get an error message when creating the W article category wit-h contour contract requirement (for the hardware group). I also checked the screen sequence at the request of structural chords.

Choose cumulative prices if you want to select the price interruption by adding the current output amount to the total amount already released for the purchase contract position. Turn on this checkbox to group the requirements into a single command. The application will strive to group all requirements that share the same thing: a requirement for an order (PO), also known as a service contract, contract or contract, contains conditions that offer protection to the university. If the order is for a service, it ensures that the supplier considers the university to be unscathed and unscathed in the course of its service or activity. Orders must be used at any time if a transaction is not suitable for a ProCard, all service contracts and the purchase of items such as equipment and computer equipment. Please read the list of commonLY used OE accounts to find detailed examples of ordering. The import process can be used to import requirements from other Oracle or non-Oracle applications. At the time of importation, the requirement positions are grouped first by the requirement head number, then according to the group code provided, and then according to the value specified in the entry parameter “Group” (None, buyer, category, item, place of storage or supplier).