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Air Bubble Agreement Us

Hello , – I am an Indian citizen currently in Houston (USA) on the L2 visa and plan to have a one-way ticket to Bangalore (India) in the week of November. – I see airlines like Qatar, Lufthansa, etc. I have open portals to book airfares. – I plan to book my plane tickets to Qatar Airlines, whose itinerary is Houston – > Doha – > Bangalore – You think there will be problems with me, to cancel my trip like cancellation or other factors like, maybe they are not part of the bubble flights of Vande Bharat Mission? – If so, can you suggest airlines that could be my best bet? Hello, Krishna! British Airways is part of the air traffic bubble regime between India and Great Britain. British Airways can fly passengers from the UK to India. British Airways` U.S. partner airlines can provide connections to BA flights to India. Hey, Yasmin! Yes, you can travel on direct flights operated by Air India and United Airlines. We are not sure that you can use the Delta coupon for the return flight. Depends on the ticket rules. If you are an Indian Eagle customer, please contact our travel advisors at or 001-800-615-3969 (from India) or 1-800-615-3969 (U.S.).

Although India has extended its embargo on international flights until 30 September, “air bubbles” or “air bridges” are the only means by which international commercial air traffic has resumed since mid-July. Since then, India`s number of air bubbles has risen to 13, with Japan the last country to be on the list. Hey, can you tell me if it`s possible that Indians on work visas are flying from Delhi to Dublin? India has a bubble arrangement with many countries like the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, etc., where all flights have an incident while going from Delhi to Dublin, but India does not have a bubble agreement with Ireland. Hello! There are no restrictions for OIC cardholders. Your journey from the United States to India is not necessary. The quarantine protocol varies from state to state in India. Recently, many Indian states, including Bangalore and Kerala, have abolished institutional quarantine for foreigners. If you wish to be released from institutional quarantine upon arrival in India, you must do a COVID-19 test in the United States and carry a negative RT-PCR test report in India. As you are 50 years old, an itinerary with a short flight time is right for you.