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Subject-Verb Agreement Sat Online Quiz

Test authors like to write questions that test your knowledge of the subject/verb agreement. You`ll quickly see that this is the case for both error ID and question types. The rule is simple: a subject must match the verb! It is a matter of verb-subject agreement in this independent clause: “The general security of the city has improved considerably since its hiring.” The theme of security is simplified, which is a singular noun, so the verb must also be singular, which “improves” hurts and has “improved” the corrected verb. On SAT, you need to be able to identify the verbs before you can search for their subjects. Some students mistakenly think that fluctuating and swinging are verbs in this sentence. However, to fluctuate is called an infinitive (to hate, to run,…) and the swing is called a grind (run, cook, explode,…). You`ve probably heard of infinitives in French-Spanish or Spanish teaching, where it`s the root form of a verb before combining it. It`s the same in English. Infinitive and Gerunds are not verbs, so there is no need to search for a subject-verb arrangement. The only real verb in this example is Likes. Again, tannes and infinities are never verbs. Don`t waste time looking for their subjects.

Correct the error of agreement of the subject of the verb. Some may be correct. The mastery of magic tricks that the public really has (surprises/surprises) a lot of time (required/necessary). The subject is a Nov (person, place or thing) which is the “doer” or “main characteristic” in the sentence. A verb is a word of action. Think of the simple phrases above and how difficult it would be to have verbs that do not agree with the subject. You don`t even need to know what the subject and verb of each sentence is to know that it`s complicated. Now, the SAT isn`t going to make it any easier for you. They will deliberately try to fool your ear. Let`s take an example: a pair of support shoes is important if you have pain in your lower back. No mistake Before you go to the exercises, you probably have some grammar rules swirling in your head. Let`s move on to some of the frequent mistakes students make when they start thinking about topics and verbs.

Take a look at the following sentence: In this sentence, the verb does not correspond to the subject. The theme “teacher” is singular (“as well as some of the administrators” is a modifiatory expression and does not count), so the correct form of verb should be “was,” not “were.” . If you`re not sure if a verb like a show is singular or plural, test it by putting it in front and asking you what seems more accurate: investigations into the scandal (shows/shows) far more than we want to know. Here`s another example: one of the girls likes the movie. In this case, your subject is a (singular) and not girls (plural), so the verb Mag must also be singular. Select the underlined word or phrase that needs to be changed to make the sentence correct. Some sentences do not contain any errors. He likes to make R-B music instead of going wild with AC/DC.

I visited my aunt, who (is/are) a panda guardian, earlier today. Shana, Joe and Marcel were incredible at each of their appearances, and the audience rewarded them with cheers and applause. No error The hypoteuse of the right triangle XYZ – 5 and leg YZ – 3. Which of the following points corresponds to the tangent of the X angle? If you have found a problem with this question, let us know.