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The Agreement As Amended

It is common practice for policyholders to classify, in the amended version, the reference to a status or other contract, the idea being to ensure that compliance is measured at a given time by the status or agreement, as it is then in force. Copy, enter or repeat a defined term, not without reason. Be specific when using defined terms. If, for example.B. the amended agreement uses definitions associated with certain terms or alliances (unmodified) and the amendment introduces a new term (without affecting the terms or agreements used in the amended agreement), do not change a defined concept to also change the definition used in the amended agreement. In this case, it should be noted that the redefined term applies only to change: the first approach is more concise and has the advantage of having a specific impact on the change made. The downside would be that the amendment is disconnected from the context, which would penalize the reader to also consult the underlying agreement. The second approach, which confirms the amended provision as a whole, avoids this problem. A middle ground would be to describe the amendment in the recitals.

terminology. An amendment or amendment agreement is an agreement that amends the parties` original contract. Common terminology refers to a treaty amendment and amendment. However, there is nothing wrong with changing and changing. The adjustment of terminology and adjustment should be used preferably in the context of numbers, percentages and amounts. A contract can, for example. B, refer to a term as defined in a law or other contract. If the definition is to be frozen as it stands at the time of the agreement, refer to the status or other agreement “as it is in force at the time of this agreement.” If the intention is to adopt future changes to the definition, it is preferable to refer to the status or other agreement “as it is in effect at any given time.” (Simply saying “in the modified version” is not used to specify the time you are referring to. Saying “in the modified version from time to time” would not be much improvement – from time to time means “from time to time,” whereas any particular change could immediately follow with another.